PGA Golf Management University Program Overview

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Universities offering the PGA Golf Management University Program.

This pathway to membership blends the PGA PGM Program courses and requirements with a bachelor’s degree offered at an accredited PGA Golf Management University. Students in the university program will cover the same course material and must complete the same requirements — such as work experience activities and the Playing Ability Test — as PGA apprentices. However, they will do so in addition to their regular college course load. Click here to obtain specific information about the PGA Golf Management University Program and the individual universities.

While both programs cover the same PGA PGM Program content, the structure of the university programs can vary in the way the content is delivered. For example, some PGA PGM course content and seminar activities may be woven into the student’s regular university classes. This often happens when a PGA PGM Program course aligns with a bachelor’s degree requirement in courses such as Business Planning, Human Resources Management and Food and Beverage Control. Courses specific to the game of golf such as Introduction to Teaching, The Rules of Golf and Tournament Operations are conducted exclusively for PGA PGM students by PGA PGM faculty.

Students in the university program are not considered apprentices because they are not required to be eligibly employed as they complete their course work. They are, however, required to complete a series of internships at PGA Recognized Golf Facilities. Furthermore, PGA Golf Management University students are not required to attend seminars at the PGA Education Center in Florida. Instead, their seminars are conducted on campus and scheduled and conducted by PGA PGM faculty. Students can graduate with a bachelor’s degree in several majors (i.e., Marketing, Business Administration, Hospitality Administration, Recreation and Park Management). Upon completion of all PGA PGM Program requirements, graduation from the university and documentation of eligible employment, students are elected to membership in The PGA of America.

NOTE: An individual must be either a U.S. Citizen or resident alien to be elected to PGA membership.

NOTE: All PGA Golf Management University Program Graduates are required to complete a background check prior to applying for membership. To complete the Background Check, click here.

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