Types of Jobs in Golf

Golf Shop Staff

The golf shop staff assists and registers customers for play. Staff may also help with tee times, merchandising, receiving and banking of player fees, tournament administration and much more. Good interpersonal skills and customer service are needed to be successful at these positions. The golf staff is the front line of communications and helps to ensure that a golfer has a good experience. One of the usual perks for working in the golf shop is the ability to play free rounds of golf at the course.


The starter maintains the starting times and tee sheet, and ensures that golfers get off the first tee in a prompt and orderly manner. This job is crucial in keeping the tee times on time. Starters must possess excellent interpersonal skills and be able to handle customers in a friendly and courteous manner. Starters also are very important in making sure that customers have properly paid for their round. The starter also helps golfers find a game if they are by themselves. The starter also is an important part of making sure customers will have a pleasant golfing experience.


The ranger travels around the golf course, monitoring the pace of play and helping golfers. The key to this position is being friendly and courteous when directing play. Good interpersonal skills and tact is very important when helping to speed play. The ranger also serves as a communications vehicle back to the pro shop for status reports and emergencies.

Golf Car Maintenance

This position calls for the mechanically minded employee with a knowledge of motorized vehicles who can keep the fleet of golf cars clean, safe and operational. Golf car fleets can be gas or electrically fueled. A good golf car mechanic ensures that a preventative maintenance schedule is kept to ensure that the golf cars operate properly.

Locker Room Attendant

Locker room attendants should have a penchant for neatness and orderliness. The attendant is in charge of the locker room housekeeping.

Golf Course Maintenance

People most suited to work on the golf course maintenance team are those especially fond of nature and working with the land. This position usually reports early in the morning and is off work by 2:00 or 3:00 pm. This outside position could be responsible for cutting grass, irrigation, sodding, trimming, applying fertilizer and pesticides and much more.

Equipment Mechanic

Golf courses use many different types of hand tools, cutting devices and motorized vehicles. This mechanic’s position would be responsible for keeping everything in working order is crucial to the facility's smooth operation.

Food and Beverage

A key component to many golf facilities are its dining rooms, grills rooms and snack bars. Employees in this area might be involved in everything from ordering food, inventory management, sales, waiting tables, menu planning and running the kitchen on both a daily basis and for big events. There are also on-course food and beverage car sales.

Marketing / Promotions

A creative mind is the first requirement for a marketing position. Here you will help create programs that will attract new business, customers or tournaments to the club.