Additional Benefits of Hiring a PGA Professional

Employers of PGA Professionals reap the rewards of unrivaled marketing
and operational benefits

The PGA of America
Industry-Leading Benefits
With a PGA-logoed flag flying high above your facility, employers of PGA Professionals are able to leverage the reputation and branding strength associated with The PGA of America logo — plus a variety of other beneficial marketing and operational benefits.

PGA Logo, A Symbol of Quality:
The PGA logo is the most-recognized brand in the golf industry. It is a symbol of quality and integrity in the eyes of the general public. The PGA logo or PGA member logo can be used on-site anywhere the PGA member conducts business. Employers can also utilize the PGA logo in television, magazine and newspaper advertising, telephone and other directories, brochures, signs and billboards. Find out all the logo usage rights you acquire as the employer of a PGA Professional online at the PGA Employment Center at

Golf Retirement Plus™:
Golf Retirement Plus™ provides employers of PGA Professionals with a unique opportunity to participate in an established supplemental retirement program that offers tax benefits and no administrative or regulatory burdens (i.e. ERISA). Employers are able to offer their PGA Professionals and apprentices, CMAA Club Managers amd GCSAA Superintendents an opportunity to save for retirement. More than 7,000 professionals at 5,000 facilities are currently participating in Golf Retirement Plus™.

PGA Insurance Options:
PGA Professionals in good standing are provided with coverage under a blanket liability insurance policy. PGA members also have access to a variety of insurance plans designed to help satisfy their changing needs and those of their golf facility. E-Business:
The PGA of America partners with Time Warner, the world's largest media company, in order to produce and a host of e-business services.

Growth of the Game Programs:
The PGA Professional is armed with national marketing support and growth of the game programs designed to increase play and your bottom line. These efforts fall under the Play Golf America umbrella, a multi-faceted initiative supported by the golf industry. Programs promoted through Play Golf America include: Get Golf Ready, PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Month, PGA Free Lesson Month, Play Golf America Days, Women's Golf Month, American Express/PGA Friend of a Cardmember, and Family Golf Month. Each program is designed to address cost and time barriers for the game and to enhance a player's skills and enjoyment, which leads to increased participation and revenues. These professionally developed programs are targeted to reach key consumer demographics, focusing on new, former and existing adult golfers, as well as various niches including women, families, couples and seniors, through group instruction and organized play.

Play Golf America Growth of the Game Programs are supported by an industry-led multimillion dollar national marketing and advertising campaign, delivered through broadcast, print, Web and media outlets. The promotions, news reports, and public relations efforts encourage consumers to connect to PGA facilities and their programs via The complimentary Web site and Resource Center promotes and manages Growth of the Game Programs on behalf of participating facilities. PGA Professionals are provided with a variety of player development programs, marketing resources and tools needed to help you grow your business and build your customer database. The Resource Center includes best practices and a variety of templates for posters, brochures and other promotional materials that can be customized for each event.

PGA Magazine: The PGA of America provides a facility's owner or a key individual at every PGA-staffed facility with a complimentary subscription to PGA Magazine, the oldest monthly golf publication produced in the United States. PGA Magazine covers golf business industry trends and issues, with an in-depth focus on the employer as the customer, as well as other important influences on the golf industry, such as player development and marketing the game to women.

PGA Trade-In Network:
PGA Professionals have access to the golf club trade-in network, which can help increase profits in hard goods sales.

PGA Championships and Events:
Through your PGA Professional, employers receive complimentary admission to a variety of PGA of America events and Championships. Employers can attend the PGA Championship, Ryder Cup, Senior PGA Championship and the PGA Grand Slam of Golf if accompanied by their PGA Professional. In addition, employer can receive complimentary admission to the annual PGA Merchandise Show and the PGA Fall Expo – the industry's two largest trade events.

PGA Research:
The PGA Consumer Marketing Department provides PGA-staffed facilities with a variety of complimentary research information and business tools to enhance their knowledge and performance. Through PGA PerformanceTrak, members and their employers are able to access monthly operating statistics for the purpose of benchmarking their facility's performance against like facilities based on region of the country, facility type, fee structure and number of golf holes. Data available via the confidential PGA PerformanceTrak service include:

  • Rounds Played Reports providing median rounds played, rounds played as a percent of available rounds, days closed and change in rounds played from year to year
  • Key Performance Indicators or KPI's that report key revenue and expense items in terms of dollars per round/membership
  • Annual Operations Survey focusing on top line revenue and expense line items
  • PGA Golf Course Financial Model, an online business tool that helps members evaluate the feasibility of golf facility development, acquisition, renovation and changes in operating structure
  • A PGA Budgeting Model that allows PGA Professionals to develop comprehensive operating budgets based on historical results and/or detailed operating assumptions

In addition, The PGA of America provides Consumer/Golfer Segmentation Studies profiling golfer habits, competing activities, and the impact incentives have on increasing participation. The PGA believes strongly in promoting Best Practices among our membership. To support our efforts, The PGA has developed a best practice collection and reporting service for PGA Professionals, so that they can share their best practices with their fellow members to help improve operations, customer service, marketing and player development.